Posted on Apr 27, 2021

Ungex Pty Ltd | Demodex Mite Treatment

Eyelash Extension Hygiene Tips

If you are interested in eyelash extensions, but your eyes become red, swollen, and itchy every time you apply it, this post is what you need.

Usually, after eyelash extensions, people touch around the eyes less than before; they worry that their new beautiful eyelashes get damaged.

This may cause these areas not to wash as well as other parts of the skin.

Improper washing may increase the load of harmful bacteria as well as the Demodex population (due to the accumulation of sebum and other oily substances). Ultimately, it leads to eye problems such as itching, foreign body sensation, blepharitis, and other issues and forces you to remove the extension.

To maintain your beautiful extensions, observe the following hygienic tips:

• Wash your lashes at least once a day with a mild non-soap cleanser and massage to remove impurities.

• Do not use oily products to clean makeup or lubricate eyelashes. They are good food for Demodex.

• Do not touch your eyes with dirty hands.
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