Posted on May 3, 2021

Ungex Pty Ltd | Demodex Mite Treatment

You will Never Lose by Treating Demodex!

The symptoms of Demodicosis are not usually specific.

This means that Demodex infection may be confused with other diseases such as blepharitis, rosacea, and other skin and hair problems due to common symptoms.

In this case, the problem probably will not be solved until the cause of the disease, which is Demodex, is treated.

But sometimes, Demodex may not be the leading cause of the disease, but it can help make it worse, such as bacterial rosacea or inherited hair loss.

Although the cause of these diseases is something other than Demodex, because of Demodex's role in exacerbating the symptoms, eradicating it helps treat the underlying condition.

So we can say that you will never lose by treating Demodex!

By eradicating these parasites, your skin and hair will look healthier.

Ungex is one of the leaders in helping to treat the Demodex problem and is ready to help you.
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